A Bible-Believing Church


This is a very strong contender for “statements of the bleeding obvious.” Unless I’m missing something. “A Bible-Believing Church.” Is there really any other kind?


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You Need a Key To Get In


I don’t know if I walked around London with my eyes closed but everywhere I go in New York I see interesting signs. Perhaps the English tendency towards tidiness means fewer people are tempted to stick something on their door or window or car? Or perhaps, being an immigrant to the city I just notice more?

I take endless inspiration from the signs I see. I like to think about who wrote them and why, what it says about this time and this place. Is this sign on a door, on Pacific Street in Cobble Hill, instructing people to use a key necessary? And why did they underline the word “IN”? Is it to reinforce the fact that you don’t need a key to get out?

I hope to explore this theme further on Signs of Life, to highlight the number of interesting signs in New York, and, perhaps, to read your thoughts on why people write the things they do.

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