The sign on this church in Park Slope, Brooklyn, disappeared for a while during the autumn and has recently returned. I can’t help muttering “Jesus!” under my breath each time I walk past. Since most churches in New York seem obsessed with hyperbolic signs, you have to wonder what compelled this congregation to go with something so simple. Did they feel it had all been said before ? Or is “Jesus” the ultimate marketing slogan, the theological equivalent of Nike’s swoosh and the Intel jingle?


December 14, 2007. Divine Signs. 1 comment.

Signs of Pro Life


This church in Kensington, Brooklyn, seems to have taken preaching to a whole new level. Whatever happened to psalm quotations or the ubiquitous “Jesus Saves”?

November 23, 2007. Divine Signs. 5 comments.

A Bible-Believing Church


This is a very strong contender for “statements of the bleeding obvious.” Unless I’m missing something. “A Bible-Believing Church.” Is there really any other kind?

October 30, 2007. Tags: , . Divine Signs. 1 comment.

Making Jesus Famous


You could probably write a blog focused entirely on church signs and never run out of content. This church marquee on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope caught my attention because it seemed a particularly American desire to even want to make Jesus “famous.” In Britain, churches concentrate on boasting of Jesus’ amazing powers of healing and redemption. Here, it’s more like the Hollywood effect, with the marquee giving the church’s claim a movie-theater like feel. Isn’t Jesus famous enough already?

October 6, 2007. Tags: . Divine Signs. 1 comment.