Don’t Feed The Birds

THE BIRD: A warning to the phantom pigeon feeder.

THE BIRD: A warning to the phantom pigeon feeder.

I’ll file this one in the Victor Meldrew deparment of sign spotting. For those who don’t recognize the name, Victor Meldrew is a British sitcom character who was constantly driven to distraction by other people’s idiocy. In the above case, the sign writer manages to succinctly project: malice (ur time is coming), sarcasm (there are no pigeons dying round here) and a direct order (!), carried off perfectly, I would say, if it was not for the fact that this sign is posted over a permanently shuttered business on one of the most depressing corners of my neighborhood in Brooklyn.


If anything, a bit of pigeon poo would liven the place up a bit.


March 10, 2009. America, New York. 2 comments.



You can really feel the frustration of the poor sign writer in this soon-to-be closed Barnes and Noble in New York’s Astor Place. It makes you wonder what he had to clean up lately—and how many times. Pissing in shitters? Yes. But shitting in pissers? Puh-lease. (Pic via BlogChelsea.)

January 6, 2008. America, New York. 2 comments.