The Many Uses of Duct Tape


I love this creative window display in Mayday Hardware on Washington Avenue, Prospect Heights. Is there something of the American “can do” spirit in a sign boasting that this is just one of “the many uses of duct tape”?


October 27, 2007. Tags: . Uncategorized.


  1. daffy duct replied:

    You obviously have yet to appreciate America’s obsession with duct tape. Have you ever heard the quote; “if you can’t duct it, fuck it”? Nice site.

  2. pdberger replied:

    Nope, never heard it. I must have been hanging out in the wrong places 🙂

  3. zeedubs replied:

    I can appreciate the many uses, but one of the reasons it has gained such esteem is its potent adhesive qualities. The LAST way I would ever use duct tape would be to make a dress out of it. That would be a million times more painful than waxing. I hope the shopowner realizes that that mannequin is ruined.

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